School mission

Our graduate is well prepared for study at a university in the Czech Republic and internationally. As such he/she:

  • can actively use 2  languages for further study as well as for his/her social and professional life in the interconnected modern world
  • is trained to think creatively, to reason critically, and communicate effectively              
  • is equipped with the knowledge and skills which will allow him/her to handle new challenges and achieve academic, professional and personal success

Our graduate is a confident young man/woman equipped for challenges in his professional, as well as communal and personal life. As such he/she:

  • is an independent and critical thinking person, sharing responsibility for the world we live in and able to make informed and ethical choices based on respect for human rights and dignity
  • is not easily manipulated and is able and ready to make a positive difference in the community and society
  Czech Literature generic (HL, SL)  


French (HL, SL)

German (HL, SL)

Spanish (HL, SL)


ip hex


Economics (HL, SL)

History (HL, SL)




Biology (HL, SL)



Mathematics (SL)




  English Language and Literature (HL, SL)