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Černý Lukáš



Conservatory of Music, Pardubice, Czech Republic – Dipl. Um.
University of Cambridge, United Kingdom (Secondary & High School Music Education)


Lukas is a graduate of the Conservatory of Music in the Czech Republic where he studied bassoon and choral conducting. He also holds the International General Accreditation of Education in Music from the University of Cambridge, England. He was Associate Choir Master of the renowned children’s choir Severacek in Liberec, Czech Republic which toured all over the world, and received many first prizes at the European International Competitions. In 1997, Lukas took a special prize in choral conducting in Preveza, Greece. He has conducted concerts in Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Holland, USA, and with the Euroopera Company performed in Monaco, France.
Lukas has served on the faculty at the Queen Noor Al Hussein National Conservatory in Amman, Jordan, and performed with the NMC Symphony orchestra with whom he toured throughout the Middle East and Golf countries, also. In 2001, he moved to Fresno California to serve as Artistic Director for the Central California Children’s Choir. In 2004 Lukas was appointed Chorus Master of the Fresno Grand Opera where he cooperated in performances and projects with Andrea Bocelli as well as Placido Domingo. In 2008, 2009 he presented at the OAKE conferences in Denver, Colorado and Dallas, Texas USA. Lukas taught music classes at the Fresno Unified School District, Fresno State University High and lectured music at the seminars about East European choral music at the Pacific University Fresno, California. He is a highly regarded presenter of European choral music, clinician, judge in the field of choral music and publish his music and arrangements with the company Colla Voce, Indianapolis, USA.


Lukas enjoys reading books, studying languages, playing old Renaissance instruments, travelling, cooking and creating new food recipes. He likes visiting art exhibitions and attending new opera and musical productions. Aviation would come in second on his list of favourite hobbies.