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Dental Prevention at PORG Kindergarten

On Friday 24th Sept., kids were very busy brushing their teeth. There was a dental care prevention programme on and kids got to know the parts of a tooth, learned to name them and found out how important it is to protect their teeth. As next, they showed their skills to Dental Preventanist and our kids were really successful. Good Job!

Book Fair

On 9th September, we were lucky with the sunny weather to enjoy Book Fair in the fresh air. Interesting books were seen everywhere! Our kids ran through the books they were interested in and had fun. All of us spent a nice morning over books!

Den Země 2021

V rámci dne Země, kdy se děti naučily jak chránit naši planetu, jsme si prověřili jejich znalosti. Na zahradě nám záškodníci rozházeli odpadky a úkolem našich dětí bylo odpadky nejen uklidit, ale hlavně roztřídit. 

St. Nicolas day (Sv. Mikuláš)

What a great St. Nicolas day we had in our kindergarten.
Children were so excited to see St. Nicolas in our class. They sang a song for him and got some sweets and fruit.

Halloween 2020

The spooky time comes up and children were excited to celebrate Halloween.Our Halloween party was filled with lots of fun, sweets and games. The children dressed up in their amazing costumes.You could see some witches, skeletons, bats…. It was a great spooky time and we all enjoy it so much.

Graduation 2021

On 10th June, Graduation took place in the Little Fish Class. Our reception kids are already big and ready to go to the big kids' school. We, as their teachers, are so proud but at the same time so sad to say goodbye to them.Good Luck, Little Fish Kids!

Mother´s Day

May is the month of love and mummies around the world celebrate their special day. Our children have prepared a little suprise for them.
Happy Mother´s Day!

Flying the kites

Thanks to the windy and sunny days in November, we had a chance to spend a nice morning with flying the kites. All of us enjoyed this moment so much!

Dental Care

On the 17th of September, PORG was full of bright light because our kids practiced their brushing skills with the help of the Dental Specialists who came to teach us about the importance of taking care of our teeth. The children learned the names and descriptions of each tooth. The tooth fairy will be very happy to find healthy, strong white teeth under their pillows. 

Den dětí 2021

Den dětí se vydařil na jedničku. Nejen, že nám vyšlo počasí, ale užili jsme si spoustu zábavy. Po splnění úkolů na jednotlivých stanovištích děti byly odměněny medailí. Potom už přišel čas na nafukovací skluzavku, jež byla neustále zaplněna jásajícími dětmi. 

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