Our ESL department

Whether using Quizlet, Kahoot or the many new and engaging applications now available in Microsoft Teams, Novy Porg ESL teachers are hard at work continuing our efforts to meet the demands of our high-level English students!

While our campus and classrooms are closed, Novy Porg students as well as ESL teachers are most certainly still busy learning and teaching English as second language remotely.

Continuing with our high standards for teaching and learning, we remain focused on the studies, whether for Cambridge exams or ESL objectives.

In this environment, Novy Porg English students are generally taught using these two methods, synchronous and asynchronous learning. With synchronous learning Novy Porg ESL students are currently taught in a virtual classroom hosted by their teacher just like a physical classroom, where students:

  • Participate in lively discussions
  • Experience a shared learning environment (break out chat rooms)
  • Use a digital whiteboard for language review
  • Collaborate on an assigned virtual task
  • Compete in an online quiz platform (like Kahoot!)

Asynchronous learning provides Novy Porg English students with an opportunity to engage the language and their work without live instruction and distraction, as well as the opportunity to work independently from the classroom. With asynchronous learning, students will:

  • Gain greater independence with language learning
  • Watch a recorded lesson or slideshow presentation from a teacher
  • Contribute to interactive documents
  • Complete an interactive vocabulary quiz or other virtual assessment platforms
  • Focus on long-term media projects

ESL Department

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