Darren Copeland


1987–1990 University of Kent – Bachelor of Arts Combined Honours in English and Drama
1991–1992 University of Exeter – Post-Graduate Certificate in Education in English with Drama

Pedagogická praxe

2009- Academic Head of English, Drama and EAL at Messaieed International School, Qatar Petroleum, Qatar
2008-2009 Head of Academic Programme; ESL teacher at Novy Porg School, Praha
2006– Academic Head of English at Dukhan English School, Qatar Petroleum, Qatar.
2002–2006 Head of Year 7 and Faculty Team Leader of English and Media Studies at Dawlish Community College, Devon, UK.
1993–2001 Teacher of English and Drama at Teignmouth Community College, Devon, UK.
1992–1993 Teacher of English as an Additional Language, General Education Diploma Instructor and Drama Teacher at Southeast Regional Resource Centre, Juneau, Alaska, USA.
1990–1991 Education-Outreach Field Manager at Greenpeace, Los Angeles, California, USA.


I am a dynamic and hard working teacher who has a wide range of experience in both the state and independent sector. From the frozen wilderness of Alaska to the baking desert of Arabia, I have taught in some of the most unusual and challenging environments and my students have come from every continent of the world (with the exception of Antarctica!). I have sought every opportunity to expand the horizons of young people and this has led to some exciting projects including theatrical extravaganzas and trips to places such as Uganda in equatorial Africa. I am once again looking forward to working in Novy Porg and bringing my particular blend of teaching to the heart of Europe.


In my leisure time, I take part in local amateur and professional theatre. I greatly enjoy the opportunity to participate in creative ventures including film-making and community theatre, public speaking and debating. Sailing is a further passion I regularly pursue; skiing and snowboarding, whenever I get the chance! I enjoy participating in team sports- I love football (team mates call me “crazy-legs Copeland”-I’m not sure whether that’s a compliment or an insult) and individual pursuits such as canoeing, walking, rock-climbing bring great pleasure. I’m also trying to learn Czech- let me emphasise, trying!