Projekt robot

Same as last year, this year students in Year 3 have been learning about Technology.  They have learned that in today’s world we have become very depended on our work, home and entertainment helpers.  From small gadgets such as smart phone to industrial machines called robots, our society has learned to count on these machines to make our lives easier. If it wasn’t for technology, it would have been quite hard to continue our classes, which we have successfully achieved and at times, even had fun doing projects. One of the projects was about creating a robot. 

In 3A and B classes, we took time to study robots and their various uses. To really understand the project, needed to be creative and to think what their robot will look , what materials they will use, how many parts will their robot have, how will it move, how will it be useful and finally how the robot will know where obstacles are. To sum up, the students had to come up with a 3D model of a robot and think of its functions; the robot needed to be made from materials they found around their homes.  Attached you can find their masterpieces along with a short description. We hope you enjoy this mini art gallery of the students’ work.... 

A video od Alice a Artemis.