For applicants

Open Day

In the school year 2022/23 there will be one attendance open day at PORG Ostrava Primary School:

23 January 2023 from 16:00 – attendance

Please register your participants in the following form.

Preparatory courses

This year we are opening preparatory courses for primary school: autumn PORGINO Dracs or spring PORGINO Bumblebees!

We will prepare children for enrollment during 10 afternoon sessions in the fall or spring. They will get to know the school, the teacher, the other children, the gym and the interactive whiteboard in a fun, entertaining and mysterious way.

The dragon and bumblebee group is looking forward to seeing your children!

Tuition fees and scholarships

The annual tuition fee for the primary school PORG Ostrava is for the school year 2023/24:

131.893,- CZK

Tuition includes all learning materials, textbooks, and leisure activities.


The basic interest of the PORG is the availability of studies for gifted pupils regardless of the financial situation of their parents. The school has a scholarship fund that awards scholarships to gifted students from families whose financial situation does not allow them to pay full tuition fees.

Application form

We are accepting 22 students for the first class of 2023/24. 

Additional information: Barbora Pastuchová; office@porg.cz,  +420 597 071 020.

Deadline for applications – 1. 3. 2023

Enrolment will take place on Saturday 1. 4.on Sunday 2. 4. 2023. You will receive an invitation for a specific date during March.

Those interested in transferring to upper primary school can register on the form.

We will contact you if a position becomes available.