Kindergarten Ostrava

What we do differently

“We don’t learn for school, we learn for life!” This is the motto of our kindergarten, which we follow. That is why we guide children to be independent and self-confident individuals. We encourage creativity and give them maximum space for self-expression. We encourage children to respect themselves and others. We balance personal freedom and responsibility.

Bilingual teaching

PORG Ostrava Kindergarten is a Czech-English school. Teaching in both Czech and English is balanced, in the most natural way, taking into account the age of the children. Each class has one Czech-speaking and one English-speaking teacher who work together to develop the children in all areas.

Playful and easy English

English permeates the whole day and therefore becomes a natural means of communication for children. Children acquire basic knowledge in vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar. They also develop their reading and graphomotor skills through the playful British Jolly Phonics method.

A stimulating environment

The newly renovated and equipped premises of our kindergarten stimulate children’s personal development, awaken their imagination and aesthetic sense. The playground and school garden provide countless opportunities for children to explore, create and exercise.

Individual approach

In addition to the personal approach of teachers, the effectiveness of teaching methods is also ensured by the optimal number of children in the class. A smaller team and the involvement of an assistant in the teaching allows teachers to approach children individually and thus to get to know and develop their specific skills.

Support and cooperation

The children look forward to the friendly environment of our kindergarten. We respect the individual needs of children and help them meet them. The relationship between the child and the teacher is natural, sincere and positive. Equally important for us is the relationship between parent and teacher based on mutual trust and respect.

Enrolment at Ostrava Kindergarten