New PORG Prague

1st grade Primary school Prague 4

What we do differently

Our students experience daily the joy of what they have done, what they have managed, what they have learned. We encourage children to be able to cooperate, to agree, to present the result of their work, to give advice to others, but also to accept advice.


We are a Czech school with a significantly expanded English language program, which we teach from 1. Class. We measure English language skills at PORG using standard Cambridge exams. Primary school pupils achieve PET level, which proves the B1 level of English(GCSE level). Courses in English are taught by certified native speakers.


Reading comprehension, working with text, searching for key information are areas we pay a lot of attention to. We also encourage collaboration on the book with students from the upper grades. Every year, first graders and third graders work together on the Reading Together project .

Aesthetic subjects in English

Pupils also encounter English in music, art and drama lessons. Since our students are in contact with English on a daily basis, they have no problem communicating in this language. The pupils of the fifth grade of the primary school invite you to the final theatre performance, which is entirely in English.

Clubs and clubs

We offer over eighty different activities (sports, art, science, language) in two age categories. Everything is included in the basic tuition fee.

Cooperation with the family

Close cooperation with the family is key for us. We communicate regularly with parents about what is happening in school and the progress of individual pupils. Parents can follow the weekly schedule, which is available through the parent portal. Class meetings are organized for each student individually. During the distance learning period, they are conducted online.

Enrolment at Prague 4 Primary School

Information about the admission procedure to our schools and the conditions of admission to study.