IB Diploma Programme at PORG Ostrava

PORG Ostrava underwent certification from the International Baccalaureate organization on April 24, 2017 and was granted permission to offer IB Diploma Program (IB DP) for the last two years of secondary study and PORG is thus now among the nearly four thousand schools around the world that offer studies in one or more International Baccalaureate programs. Successful completion of IB DP increases the chances of admission to select universities abroad, as evidenced by the first graduates of our school at Nový PORG in Prague, where we have been offering this form of study since 2013.

Structure of IB DP program

Students pursue studies in six subjects selected from six groups. They study three higher level subjects (HL - about 320 study hours over two years) and three standard level subjects (SL - about 200 study hours over two years). In the next school year our students will be able to choose from a range of subjects: Czech Literature, English Literature, French, German, Spanish, Math, Biology, Economics and History. Students can therefore focus on subjects they enjoy and would like to pursue in the future. At the same time, the structure of the program is broad enough to keep students from limiting their decision with regard to changing their future studies. The programme also includes graduate work, the Extended Essay, the Theory of Knowledge course, and activities in the areas of artistic creativity, sport and volunteer activities called Creativity, Activity, Service.

  Czech Literature generic (HL, SL)  


French (HL, SL)

German (HL, SL)

Spanish (HL, SL)


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Economics (HL, SL)

History (HL, SL)




Biology (HL, SL)



Mathematics (SL)




  English Language and Literature (HL, SL)  

Options for completing one's studies at PORG Ostrava

PORG is a bilingual school and in addition to an international diploma the school, of course, also allows students to finish their studies with a Czech diploma. Students will be able to choose from one of five options:

  1. Just the Czech diploma – state section (two compulsory exams + one optional exam) and the school section (three compulsory exams + up to two optional exams)
  2. Just the international IB diploma - i.e. study of the IB DP program in full. This option means that the student will not have a completed a Czech secondary education.
  3. Combination of both the Czech and international IB diplomas. In this case, the students study the IB DP program in full. In addition, at the end of their final year, they will sit for just the state part of the final exams on Czech Language. Upon successful completion of the IB DP, the subjects are accredited for the students and they receive a certificate of completion of the Czech final exams.
  4. The complete Czech diploma programme and the international IB diploma. In this case, the students study the IB DP in full and pass the full Czech final exams, i.e. the state section (two compulsory exams + one optional) and the school section (three compulsory exams + up to two optional exams).
  5. Combination of the Czech diploma programme and IB exams from one or several IB subjects. In this case, the students pass the complete Czech diploma programme and apply for exams from one or more IB courses.

PORG Ostrava is open to all who are interested in learning and not afraid of new things!