Pavel Hlavinka Study Fund

Pavel Hlavinka Study Fund

We believe that one of the most valuable gifts a person can receive is education. Founded in 1990, PORG has been, is and wants to continue to be a school for all children, regardless of their social background. However, the external conditions under which the school operates are changing and tuition fees are rising. That is why in August 2006 we decided to establish the Pavel Hlavinka Study Fund, which will help children from socially disadvantaged families to get a quality education. We named the fund in memory of our student who did not live to see his successful graduation.

What is the Pavel Hlavinka Study Fund for?

  • Supporting the studies of gifted children from socially disadvantaged families. The Fund’s Committee, inter alia. grants 95 percent, 50 percent ad. scholarships for the entire period of study.
  • Supporting the studies of PORG Libeň children from families in a sudden adverse financial situation
  • Supporting the quality of teaching at PORG Libeň.

I’d like to contribute

Dear graduates, parents, friends of the school!

You too can contribute and thus support the P. Hlavinka Study Fund and give other students a chance for quality studies. The Pavel Hlavinka Study Fund is an endowment fund and all donations can be deducted from the tax base by both legal entities and individuals.

Account number: 2300896637/2010 Fio banka

Please include your email address in the message to the recipient. We’ll contact you about the gift agreement.

The Study Fund is managed by an eight-member committee

Board of Directors: Milan Fiala (parent abs. 2002, 2007, 2011), Stanislava Hlavinková (2010), Andrea Výšková (Director of PORG Libeň)

Supervisory Board: Jiřina Hermanová (2018), Magdalena Janichová (chemistry teacher at PORG Libeň), Elšad Tagijev (2021), Martin Valášek (Senior Teacher PORG Libeň), Jitka Vlašánková (2011)

Existing donors; income and expenditure of the Fund

SFPH revenue and expenditure in 2022
SFPH revenue and expenditure in 2021