What we do differently

A graduate of the Ostrava Gymnasium is ready to study at leading Czech and foreign universities. Heis a confident young person equipped for the challenges of professional, civic and personal life.

Studentky: zaměření

Focus of the school

Gymnázium Ostrava combines the requirements of the Czech curriculum for grammar schools with international programmes. Subjects are taught both in the Czech language and by approved native speakers in English. The unique system of study gives you the opportunity to choose to study abroad or in the Czech Republic.

Profiling at the end and during the study

We provide the most tailored education possible. The student chooses the first seminar in the third year. From the first year onwards, we also offer vocational seminars taught by external specialists in a given field (doctor, lawyer, economist, IT worker, etc.). In the last two years, in addition to profiling Czech seminars, students most often choose AP courses that facilitate admission to the most prestigious foreign and Czech universities.

Profilace na gymnáziu Ostrava
PORG-gymnázium Ostrava: spolupráce

Cooperation with CTM

We are a partner school of the Centre for Talented Youth (CTM). Already in primary school, pupils take the online course Start with Science – Part A. In the upper school, we offer a wide range of Advanced Placement (AP) courses that can be completed with an AP exam. Everything is covered by tuition fees. Motivated students can even complete the entire International Baccalaureate AP Capstone Diploma.

Language learning

Students regularly take the standardised Cambridge English language examinations according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). At the end of their studies they leave with a CAE or IELTS certificate, with approximately 91% of students achieving C2 (native speaker) level.

Other world languages taught in our school, mostly by native speakers, are German, French and Spanish.

PORG-gymnázium Ostrava: jazyky
PORG-gymnázium Ostrava: dovednosti

Skills development

Important learning and communication skills are taught, for example, in the autumn project schools in the countryside. At the beginning of the school year, the first-year students go on an adaptation course, and in winter there are ski courses. The end of each school year is first marked by a parade of Quintana art classes, then students from Krč, Libeň and Ostrava go together to domestic and foreign summer schools in nature of their choice.

Advice for universities

Our graduates have no problem getting into the colleges of their choice. They can take advantage of a special advisory programme that will not only help them choose a domestic or foreign school, but will also prepare them for the pitfalls of the admissions procedure.

PORG-gymnázium Ostrava: poradenství
PORG-gymnázium Ostrava: volný čas

Leisure activities

We offer a wide range of sports activities in the Ostrava area. Among the most popular are basketball, athletics and cycling clubs. You will also find our students in music, literature and debate competitions.

Admission procedure gymnasium Ostrava

Information about the admission procedure at the Ostrava Grammar School and the conditions of admission to study.