School mission

mission statement

Our graduate is well prepared for university study either in the Czech Republic or abroad.

As such he/she:

  • can actively use two world languages for further study as well as in his/her social and professional life 
  • is able to think creatively, to reason critically, and to communicate effectively
  • is equipped with the knowledge and skills which allow him/her to overcome obstacles and achieve academic, professional, and personal success.

Our graduate is a confident young person equipped to meet the challenges of a dynamic and rapidly changing world.

As such he/she:

  • demonstrates both independence in and shared responsibility for the world in which we live, making informed and ethical decisions based on the principles of humanism 
  • is firm in his/her convictions and makes a positive contribution to his/her community and society, both locally and globally.
 School profile

International ib diploma

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme is a two-year programme for students of in their last two years of secondary school study, culminating in an internationally-recognized diploma.

Nový PORG offers this qualification as well the Czech national high school diploma programme and students may choose one or the other.

The school’s curriculum in the years preceding prepares students for either program. Students who opt for the Czech program may still complete an IB course, earning an internationally-recognized a certificate from the International Baccalaureate Organization.

To earn an International Baccalaureate Diploma, a student must complete the following:

  • Complete and pass assessments in six subjects selected from six groups; most students will study three higher level subjects (approximately 240 hours over two years) and three standard level subjects (–approximately 150 hours over two years); some students may add a seventh subject
  • Complete the Theory of Knowledge course
  • Complete an Extended Essay (graduate work)
  • Fulfil the requirements of CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service)

Subjects offered at Nový PORG:

  English Language and Literature (HL, SL)
Czech Literature (HL, SL)


French (HL, SL)

German (HL, SL)

Spanish (HL, SL)


ip hex


Economics (HL, SL)

History (HL, SL)

Psychology (HL, SL)



Biology (HL, SL)

Chemistry (HL, SL)

Physics (HL, SL)



Mathematics (HL, SL)

Maths Studies (SL)



  Visual Art
nebo další předmět ze skupin 1 - 4

Extended Essay

  • an academic essay of four thousand words (maximum) based on the student’s research in a given subject and on a single topic
  • the student researches, writes, and edits his/her essay under the tutelage of a supervisor
  • each essay is assessed externally by an IB examiner

Theory of Knowledge

  • Students examine the body of human knowledge with a special emphasis on its nature, development, and application in different areas.
  • The course is delivered in approximately 100 hours over two years and is assessed through a presentation and an essay of approximately 1600 words.

Creativity, Activity, Service – CAS

  • The purpose of CAS is for students to work toward and achieve practical outcomes; in the field of artistic creativity this could be, for example, the preparation of a public performance; in the field of sport activities it could be regular sports activities, participation in an expedition and its preparation; in the field of service it could be help with disabled children and the elderly.
  • Students must devote time to their CAS activities on a regular basis over the course of at least eighteen months.
  • Students evaluate themselves and submit reflections on their activities.
  • The school employs a qualified CAS coordinator who regularly meets with IB students and helps them in their CAS activities.

Tuition and scholarships

The annual tuition fee for IB students at Nový PORG grammar school who join the programme in their seventh year is:

  • 247 000,- CZK

Tuition includes all materials, textbooks, and recreational activities.


The primary interest of the PORG public service company is to provide the opportunity for gifted pupils to study regardless of their parents’ financial situation. The school has created a scholarship fund that grants scholarships for talented students from families whose financial situation does not allow them to pay full tuition fees. The Martin and Lenka Roman Foundation is one of the contributors to this fund. The scholarship is allocated on the basis of an individual assessment of the application; the study fund takes into account the family's income and financial standing. The scholarship is anonymous and discreet. For the future school year, the annual income of the family is set at CZK 1,000,000, namely the sum of the tax base of both parents, respectively, employed persons living with a child in a common household. Should more than one child from a family attend PORG, the scholarship may be awarded at even higher joint income earnings. The scholarship fund grants scholarships of up to 90% of tuition fees. If your financial situation gets worse during your studies, your scholarship may be granted from the date of such change. Continuing your studies in this case will not depend on your current financial situation. The scholarship can be applied for directly through the application form.

In applying for a scholarship, PORG will require, among other things:

  • a completed scholarship application application for the scholarship
  • if the parents are divorced, a copy of the court's decision on the property settlement of the spouses
  • a copy of the tax returns of both parents or other gainfully employed persons living with the child in a common household

The study fund may request further documentation and information that it considers necessary for its decision.