IB studium

Mission Statement

A PORG graduate is prepared to study at leading Czech and foreign universities.This means that our graduates:

  • actively use at least two world languages for their higher education and in their personal lives,
  • are able to think logically, critically evaluate information, and effectively communicate,
  • are equipped with the knowledge and skills that will enable them to manage new tasks and achieve academic, professional and personal achievements.

PORG graduates are self-confident young adults equipped for the challenges of their professional, civic and personal lives. This means they:

  • are independent, critical thinking, feel jointly responsible for the world in which they live, and make informed decisions,
  • are not easy to manipulate and are able and ready to participate in the life of the society they are part of.

IB learner profile

IB maturita 2021

IB learner profile

IB learner profile