University counselling

Planning your studies

For many students, high school is a time to explore their interests, develop their talents, and make decisions that may one day help them become the person they want to be. The PORG schools have counsellors who provide not only academic counselling but also counselling on personal matters. At the same time, we are one of the few to offer advice on planning further studies.

Applying for studies

Most of our students are heading to universities that are in the top 100. The world renown of these institutions means that students receive a high-quality degree that is internationally recognised.

  • Studying in English or another world language gives students a better chance of finding a job in the future.
  • By studying abroad, students may at first glance attract attention when looking for a job not only abroad, but especially in the Czech Republic.
  • When studying abroad, students meet people from all over the world. Not everyone can become a friend, but contact with them can be beneficial for students during their studies and in the future.
  • Students must learn to adapt to a new environment. They will learn to perceive foreign cultural values and view their own culture from a different perspective.
  • The process of becoming independent is very intense when attending a foreign university. Students learn to rely primarily on themselves.
  • Every country has a different way of teaching and learning.
  • Studying abroad is not just about studying, it’s also about having fun. Students have the unique opportunity to travel to another country or continent.
  • Most international universities offer scholarships for international students. European countries are known for their system of discounts and benefits for students.
  • Many students quickly realise their strengths and weaknesses while studying abroad. Studying abroad exposes students to situations that would probably never happen to them at home, giving them a unique experience.

Foreign Universities

Thanks to our unique curriculum, our students are prepared for success at many prestigious universities abroad and in the Czech Republic. The basis for success is, of course, a good decision about the choice of subjects in the upper years, as well as knowledge of the various university admission processes and the fields of study that interest students.

Every year, about half of our students enter universities abroad. The highest numbers of students go to the UK, the Netherlands and the United States. Universities in Ireland, France, Germany, Switzerland and Singapore have been growing in popularity in recent years.

Study Abroad Advisory Programme

Advice covers all aspects of the international university admissions process and is not limited by your preferred field of study or interests. We start working with students as early as the fifth grade, and for our students, choosing a foreign university is a natural part of their decision-making process for future post-secondary studies. How does the programme work and what do we help students with?

  • Introduction to study abroad
  • Organisation of lectures with university representatives
  • Individual meetings with a counsellor for students and parents
  • Help with choosing a course and university
  • Help with writing motivational essays
  • Complete assistance with the application process
  • Help with choosing suitable additional studies and extra-curricular activities
  • International Entrance Examination Administration


One of the many benefits associated with studying at PORG is the phenomenal network of alumni around the world who work in many roles in a wide variety of industries. Do you want to be informed about school events? Register in our database.

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“My professors have influenced my career and future studies the most. They built in me a passion for what I do. Whether it was dissecting literary works, solving problems, or orienteering, they shared their joy and enthusiasm with me. And for that I am extremely grateful.”

Lukáš Černý, graduate of PORG Prague

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