Tým Porgu

Zuzana Kožušníková

Physical Education Teacher


University of Ostrava, Faculty of Education, Physical Education/Technical Education – Master’s degree program, Mgr.


Zuzka studied teaching for secondary school – Physical Education/Technical Education program. She was a professional tennis player, and already during her studies, she was involved in coaching and gained experience teaching children tennis. She is also an instructor of snowboarding, skiing, inline skating, and swimming.
She joined PORG school as a physical education teacher. She teaches PE at PORG international school, a PORG primary school, and a gymnasium. During the covid era, she also taught in kindergarten. She also still works as a professional tennis trainer.


Zuzka is an active person. She likes sports of all kinds, nature, tourism, travelling, and culture. You will rarely see her sitting; She is always on the move. Zuzka has a daughter Alexandra.