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Šipošová Barbora


Vzdělání a praxe

University of St Andrews, Psychology – PhD
Charles University, Psychology – MA
University of Economics in Bratislava, Management – BA


Barbora worked as a Junior Researcher at Max-Planck-Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology (DE, 2014-2017), a Research Fellow at University of Warwick (UK, 2018-2021). After Barbora returned to Prague she is a Lecturer at Charles University (C2021 – now)  and Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Research Lead at PromethistAI – a deep tech company developing empathetic Digital Personas with complex communication skills (2022 – now).
Barbora teaches at PORG because interactions with her students are both rewarding and inspiring. She strives to inspire young minds by demonstrating that psychology research is a process of discovery – the act of finding new knowledge about human minds.


In her spare time Barbora enjoys water in all forms – swimming, snowboarding, diving and surfing.