Academic results

Czech Baccalaureate

The Czech Baccalaureate concludes the studies of most of our school graduates. They achieve excellent results and are ranked at the top of the available rankings. The matriculation exam consists of a state and a school part. For our internal needs, we make comparisons of the parts that are evaluated centrally. Libeň graduates are regularly the best in the whole country and Ostrava graduates win the Moravian-Silesian league. Take a look at some charts.

International Baccalaureate

Many of our students choose to complete their studies with the International Baccalaureate. It opens doors to prestigious foreign universities. It is scored and the maximum score is 45 points. The global average of all participants is usually between 29 and 30 points. The maximum number gets a little over 200 students. The average of New PORG students is usually above 38 points and we have students with the maximum number of points every year. PORG is the best IB school in continental Europe.

National testing (SCIO)

Every year, PORG students participate in the National Testing organized by SCIO. Our intention is to get a comparison with other schools as well as to compare results among students on our campuses. The percentile rankings from all participants are welcomed by the participants themselves and also gives interesting feedback to the teachers. Testing applies to third grades and quarters. Our school regularly ranks in the top decile.

Cambridge exams

Teaching English is one of our priorities. All students have the option of completing it with an official Cambridge exam at CAE or CPE level. Some as early as the fifth grade, others later depending on the study program. Most of the pupils in our primary school reach the PET level in the fifth grade, which corresponds to the requirements of the Czech Baccalaureate. Take a look at the results from the last school year.