Tým Porgu

Barbora Pastuchová

Office manager


Marymount College, New York
GED High School Diploma, New York
VŠB Ostrava – Faculty of Economy


Barbora graduated from grammar school in Havirov, and after being admitted to the University of Ostrava, she started studying at the Faculty of Economics. However, her interest in economics was replaced by a desire to travel to the USA, where she already had the experience of studying at a high school. While working as an au pair, she graduated from high school in New York and applied to study at Marymount College. Due to the financial demands of her studies, Bara chose to work at a tennis club as a receptionist and later as an office manager. In 2004, Bara finally returned to her homeland and, after maternity leave, started working as a personal assistant for the president of Hyundai. Since 2017, she has been working as an office manager at PORG.


Bara loves to travel, exploring different countries and their cultures. She likes to read books and enjoys going to the theatre. She likes to walk, listen to music and think about life.