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Dental Hygiene Day

This Year’s Dental Hygiene Day Recently we welcomed two dental students who gave us a wonderful presentation about dental hygiene. They taught us about everything from how

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PI News

PF 2023

The PORG International School team wishes you a very Merry Christmas spent with your loved ones, and in the new year 2023, happiness, joy, good health

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Why PORG International School

The well-balanced curriculum encourages pupils to be independent learners, developing their critical thinking, creativity, and IT skills in a friendly atmosphere, supported by the professional teaching staff of different nationalities with respect for every child’s educational needs.

Multicultural environment

We respect the differences and uniqueness of each individual. In our school’s multicultural and friendly environment, students feel safe and relaxed. They meet different cultures, customs, and traditions, making new friendships. They learn tolerance and respect for diversity and will be well prepared to live in a multicultural connected world without judgement.


All subjects are taught entirely in English. We support non-native English speakers by offering extra English lessons. Children have the opportunity to learn Spanish, French, German and other languages.

Critical thinking

We care greatly about a well-balanced education, leading discussions and connecting theory and practice. In a world full of different information, it is necessary to recognise that which is relevant, irrelevant, or just fake. That is why we teach our students to think critically. In addition to reading comprehension, they need a high-quality portfolio of knowledge and to be capable of arguing and expressing their opinions.

Information technologies

In PORG international school, we teach Computing from Year 1.  As a member of the Code Club International Community established by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, Cambridge, UK, we run the Code Club and follow an IT curriculum under the auspices of the Raspberry Pi foundation. We give children a head start and the opportunity to grow in this area as early as possible.

Craft and design

In subjects of craft, design and technology, students can develop their creativity and technical thinking. They can verify and apply their theoretical knowledge from maths, science and art in practice. At the same time, they build their skills and learn to work in a team.

Czech lessons

We have a well-prepared Czech program to support Czech language development for students, especially Czech native speakers, who are interested in continuing at secondary in the Czech or a bilingual Czech-English education system.