Tým Porgu

Thabang Lehner

Class Teacher


Being presented with an opportunity to study abroad was the highlight of her academic life in Botswana. She chose to study for a B.Sc. Honors degree from Cardiff Metropolitan University, the UK from 2007 – 2010. Following that, she decided to complete a TEFL program before moving to the Czech Republic in 2014. Currently, she is enrolled in various professional development courses offered by Cambridge and other institutions to advance and keep up to date in her current position.


She has worked for Hello Language School and Elementary school from 2014 – 2019. In addition to being an English teacher, she also specializes in CLIL subjects. She joined PORG Ostrava Bilingual Kindergarten, 2019 – 2021. In 2021, she moved to PORG International School as a class teacher. She is a science enthusiast and leads the Science Club, Yoga and Mindfulness Club, and computing program for lower-level classes.


In her spare time, she revels in getting lost in the world of legal thrillers, personal development programs, and spending time with her family and friends. Growing up in a completely different geographic country, she loves the advantage of hiking in the Czech mountains, exploring Europe, and learning about the culture.