Tým Porgu

Matthew Mayer

Art Club


Sheffield University, United Kingdom, Social and Political Studies – BA


In the year prior to studying at Sheffield University, Matthew worked as a care assistant supporting young people with epilepsy and autism. He continued to work part-time during his studies, and again full-time for a further two years once he had finished. He decided to move to the Czech Republic in January 2009 when he was afforded the opportunity to live in a different country teaching English at Monty Školka in Ostrava. After a year and a half of preschool teaching, he spent a further twelve years as a teacher of English at Monty Škola. He has also worked part-time as an artist in both the United Kingdom and the Czech Republic.


In his spare time Matthew enjoys painting, running, cycling, and writing and illustrating stories for children. He is also an avid Liverpool FC fan. Before any of those things, however, he enjoys spending time with his family, and his hands are usually full with his adorable yet highly opinionated three-year-old son.