Tým Porgu

Kateřina Mlčochová

Class Teacher


University of Ostrava, Pedagogical Faculty, Department of Further Education – Extand, programme for Primary Teachers
Silesian University of Opava, Faculty of Philosophy and Science, programme Philology, English for Teachers
University of Cambridge, ESOL Examinations, First Certificate in English
Escola Superior de Educação de Portalegre, Programa Animação Sociocultural In Portugal
University of Ostrava, Pedagogical Faculty, programme Education with Focus on Leisure and Resocialization – Sports


Katerina obtained her masters degree in University of Ostrava – Pedagogical Faculty, Education with Focus on Leisure and Resocialization – Sports. She chose this field of study, because of her fondness for children as well as sports. She began her career as an Educator at Afterschool clubs (Music club, Drama club)- ZŠ Paskovská, Ostrava- Hrabová, and she continued into Primary. She enjoys travelling therefore when the opportunity arose, she took a chance to study abroad (Escola Superior de Educação de Portalegre – Programa Animação Sociocultural In Portugal). After finishing her degree, she also travelled to Scotland for a Training Placement in Dundee, Scotland, UK in 2008.

When she returned, she decided to study at Silesian University of Opava – Faculty of Philosophy and Science in Opava – Philology, English for Teachers. It was during this time that the opportunity came to work at PORG Ostrava, and she joined in the year 2013. Here she worked as an Educator at Afterschool clubs – PORG Ostrava and Teacher of La Ngonpo project. Later she became a Head of Afterschool clubs and Leisure activities as well as Teacher assistance for Elementary Year 1 and Year 2 at PORG Ostrava. As she was more interested in this work and she enjoyed it very much, she decided to study at University of Ostrava – Pedagogical Faculty – Department of Further Education – Extend, progarmme for Primary Teachers. From the year 2017 she is teaching at PORG International School as a class techer for year 3 and 4.


As she is part of Scouts organization, she likes the activities connected to this way of life. Also she enjoyes various sports as are cycling, in-line skating, hiking, swimming, skiing and other active sports.
Music is another hobby she does regurally as she is playing the violine in the band.