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PORG International School Book Fair

PORG International School’s Book Fair took place this week, with hundreds of excellent books to inspire our young readers and develop their English.

Every year, the book fair delivers a wide range of titles with high quality in both the content and manufacture. Children can browse the books and make a list of titles which they like, then parents can pay for them at the end of the school day.

As always, the school had the opportunity to add some books to the library to complement our lesons. This year, we have many colourful and interesting books from the fair to help children with their art and creative writing skills.


NP2 školní akce


Od čtvrtka 30. března do neděle 2. dubna se koná 10. ročník konference PORG Model United Nations. Konference se připravuje 11 měsíců a je 100% vedena a organizována studenty, kteří

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