Tým Porgu

Deivis Rojas

Spanish, After school clubs and pastoral care


Universidad central, Colombia


Deivis studied business administration and Management. He worked in banks and financial companies getting knowledge and experience in Colombia. On 90’s his family decided to move to United States to experiment new challenges and experiences to a new culture. Working in different areas and companies Deivis got new experience in manufacturing, production, operations, administration, management and other areas. After more than 13 years living and working in United States he saw the opportunity to move to Czech republic,  and keep growing his multicultural experiences. Living in CZ he found the great world of teaching in primary schools. Monty and Ostrcilova schools gave him the first chance to sharing his native language as a Spanish teacher and his army and living experiences as a person. After few years getting experience in teaching and spending time with kids he got a big challenge in CZ, teaching and working in PORG International School where he has been working and living for the last 6 years. There he is not just the Spanish teacher, he is part of each kid daily school life where he takes care of every single student.


In his spare time Deivis loves thinking activities like Rubik’s cube, he knows how to solve around 50 different kind of Rubik’s cubes. He likes to play chess and live the deep word of logic. Reading or watching documentaries about the world helping him to enjoy more his free time.