Counselling programme for university

Our students apply for and are accepted to top foreign universities

What's going on here?

PORG provides its students with comprehensive counselling and assistance when applying to universities abroad, especially to Great Britain and the United States. Our counselling covers all aspects of the admission process and is not limited to a preferred industry or interest. The counselling is based on, among other things, the following points:

  • Presentation of studying abroad for students and parents.
  • Possibility of individual meetings with a counsellor.
  • Help with writing motivational letters and essays.
  • Feedback on essay quality.
  • Application assistance. 
  • Securing and providing materials suitable for choosing the right school.
  • Access to literature and resources needed to prepare for admissions tests.
  • Help with selecting suitable supplemental courses (online courses, CAS, DoF, etc.).
  • Administration of international entrance exams to universities.

Upon completing the program's conditions, PORG's school management may grant students a scholarship to partially cover the direct costs associated with admissions. The scholarship is primarily intended for students with excellent academic results and students from socially disadvantaged families who actively take advantage of the counselling program. Financial assistance is purely at the good will of PORG.

Does it make sense?

It is definitely a real goal! Over the last five years of the program, we have had a nearly 100% success-rate at the best schools of the world.

In recent years, more than half of all our students focused on studying abroad have been admitted to the top 50 universities across the globe! For comparison; Charles University in the Czech Republic is at about 300th place.

Our former students continue to study at many prestigious schools abroad.

In the USA, for example: Princeton, Columbia, Brown, NC at Chapel Hill, Ohio State,

In the UK, for example: Cambridge, Oxford, London School of Economics University College London, Edinburgh, Imperial College London, King's College,

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In other countries: École polytechnique de Lausanne, TU Delft, Hague U., Humboldt U.,

Just start early and devote yourself to long-term and ambitious preparation!

At PORG we start as early as a student's fifth year of their eight-year studies; our students consider the option of a foreign university as natural when deciding on future post-secondary education.

The counselling program is led by Professor Haláček (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)