PORG International School

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School Calendar



26th October – 28th October 2022


23rd December 2022 – 2nd January 2023


3rd February 2023


6th March – 10th March 2023


6th April – 10th April 2023

Principal’s Day off

24th October – 25th October 2022


18th November 2022


21st December – 22nd December 2022


1st semester

1st September 2022 – 31st January 2023

2nd semester

1st February 2023 – 30th June 2023

Social Events


Summer celebration

27th June 2023

Primary School Curriculum

Our Primary school curriculum is based on The English National Curriculum.

The school encourages pupils to

  • develop a strong set of problem-solving strategies
  • think critically
  • develop knowledge and skills to apply to new situations
  • computing and coding skills
  • take action as a result of the learning process
  • continue to question throughout their lives


The pupils will

  • learn through inquiry
  • work individually, with a partner or in groups
  • be listened to
  • be curious, ask questions and explore
  • build on prior knowledge
  • be supported on their journey to becoming independent, autonomous learners
  • learn through differentiated experiences


Lesson allocation


Key Stage 1

Key Stage 2


Year groups

5 – 7

1 – 2

7 – 11

3 – 6

Core subjects

Lesson allocation

Lesson allocation










Foundation subjects


Art and Design






Crafts and Technology









Physical Education



Social Studies






*PSHE – Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (part of Social Studies lessons)

School Day

Children can enter the school building (8.00 am – 8.30 am). They must announce their arrival and will be registered by the teacher on duty.

8.00 am – 8.30 am

Arrival at school

8.40 am

School begins

8.40 am – 9.25 am

Period 1

9.35 am – 10.20 am

Period 2

10.20 am – 10.40 am

Snack break

10.40 am – 11.25 am

Period 3

11.35 am – 12.20 am

Period 4

12.30 pm – 1.15 pm

Lunch and outdoor break

1.25 pm – 2.10 pm

Period 5

2.20 pm – 3.05 pm

Period 6

1.25 pm – 4.30 pm

After school activities (optional)/Picking up time – depends on the daily schedule.


School Life

Children grow up and develop in a multicultural and friendly environment. They receive a quality education in the English language. Quality catering, a wide range of after-school clubs, extracurricular activities and service to the local and international community in the context of an intercultural environment are parts of our daily school life.

School Lunches

Our professional cooking team, led by head chef Tomáš Neuvirt, prepares and serves lunches in the comfortable dining room in the PORG gymnazium building.

The Menu is available at www.strava.cz.

Canteen code: 2515


Tomáš Neuvirt
phone: +420 608 418 884
email: jidelna@porg.cz


Lunch payments

Payments have to be made in advance by transfer to the bank account 4609702/0800 with the variable symbol (the Agreement number).


Orders, selections, and meal cancellations policy

Each student has their personal canteen account. After the payment and crediting the amount to the student’s canteen account and the activation, it is possible making the orders.

Lunch must be ordered or cancelled no later than one working day in advance by 9:00 am. Students can choose one option from the menu every day. 

Please use the website www.strava.cz or the mobile app for your orders or cancellations.

Non-cancelled lunch can be picked up in the canteen from 11:30 am till 2.30 pm.

It is impossible to order or cancel lunch on the picking-up day.



Overpayments for non-delivered meals are automatically rolled over to the next period. If the student’s account is closed, overpayments are transferred back to the family.

Afterschool clubs

The various clubs take place in one of three slots.

Slot 1

1:25 pm – 2:10 pm

Slot 2

2:20 pm – 3:05 pm

Slot 3

3:15 pm – 4:00 pm

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact Mr David Rojas rivera@porg.cz.

The most popular clubs


The Dress code policy reflects our values and reinforces our school’s high expectations and academic achievement culture. We expect that each student comes to school appropriately and smartly dressed.

All students are required to dress according to the Uniform policy. 

Our school uniform is important to us. It is one way we identify ourselves as a school community and promotes a strong, cohesive identity that supports high standards and expectations in all areas of school life. It encourages a balance between different groups represented in the school and enhances security. 

Smartness and high standards of appearance are always expected. We have a required school uniform for several reasons: 

  • Uniforms unite the school. Students commit that they abide by the community rules when putting on their PORG uniforms. 
  • Uniforms reduce distractions. We are focused on achieving success. 
  • Uniforms look professional. Pupils look neat and ready to learn. 

Children are required to wear a uniform from Monday to Thursday.

A part of the school Dress code policy is Casual Friday, which means that children can come to school in casual clothes and express their personalities.



Red or white polo shirt/white shirt with school logo
Grey or black pants/trousers*
Red V-neck sweatshirt with school logo
Grey socks



Red or white polo shirt/white shirt with school logo
Red knitted V-Neck School Jumper with school logo
Red V-Neck cardigan with school logo
Grey or black skirt or dress*
Grey or black trousers/pants*
Grey or red socks/tights

*Stripes and large labels, and/or identifiable logos are not suitable.


P.E. Clothes

Navy blue shorts/jogging pants/leggings
White T-shirt
Navy blue sweatshirt
A pair of clean sports trainers


For inspiration, you can visit this website for boys and girls.


Most items of school clothing are possible to order and purchase through the school.

Inappropriate clothing for school:

  • Jeans and athletic trousers/shorts.
  • Frayed or trousers with holes.
  • Sweatshirts and hoodies, athletic clothing, BT-shirts, tank tops.
  • Low cut or see-through tops.
  • Shirts with a large image
  • Hats/caps and jackets are not to be worn inside.