PORG International School Book Fair

PORG International Primary School Ostrava Book Fair 2022 0008

PORG International School’s Book Fair took place this week, with hundreds of excellent books to inspire our young readers and develop their English. Every year, the book fair delivers a wide range of titles with high quality in both the content and manufacture. Children can browse the books and make a list of titles which they like, then […]

End of the school year

Well, we made it! Well done, everybody! Our Year 1 pupils have had a whole year at school and have grown up immensely during that time. Year 6 have finished their Primary Education and are off into the big wide world of Secondary Education – mostly at our Grammar School, so we hope to see them […]

Children’s summer party

PORG Ostrava held the annual Children’s Party in the last week of the school year. It was a celebration of all that our children have achieved over the last school year, with performances, speeches, games and quite a lot of ice-cream! Our International School was well represented by our very own dance troop, whose performance you can see here. […]

Children’s Day

On the 1st of June, we had a break from lessons to celebrate that most important part of life – being a kid! We had escape room games, sports, films, a visit to a local playground and some logic games with a robot which needs troubleshooting. For more pictures, take a look at our Facebook album here.

School in nature 2022

The greatest adventure of the school year has come! Starting in September, the children get to know each other and the school environment. They learn to work together and look after one another. By the time June comes around, we see rising self-confidence and emerging leaders in our classrooms. School In Nature aims to give […]

40th annual COBIS conference

PORG International School was represented at the 40th annual COBIS conference by our headmistress, Mrs Barbora Gazdova. The conference is an opportunity for representatives of member schools to connect, and network in person, sharing experience and knowledge gained all over the world of international education. Attendees discussed strategies for the coming school year in the […]