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2023 Spoken Word Poetry Slam at PORG (district round)

To celebrate World Poetry Day, PORG Ostrava hosted a Spoken Word Poetry Slam!  Open to candidates from all Ostrava grammar schools, the contest featured two rounds in which students composed and performed their original poems. Their performance was then evaluated by a panel of three judges, each from a different school, who assessed their ideas, use of poetic devices, oral delivery, and facial/body expression.  The quality of the students‘ poems was unbelievably high, and we cannot wait for next year’s round!  Sincere congratulations to the winning trio: Ema Heřmanová (PORG, first place), Filip Jordán (gymnázium Volgogradská, second place), Anastasios Engonidis (gymnázium Matiční, third place).  You were the best!

The event was partly sponsored by Knihcentrum.cz, which provided books for non-winning students.  Winners received vouchers of 1,000; 500; and 300 CZK to purchase books of their choice.