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With Erasmus Teachers Become Students Too

Thanks to the Erasmus + program sponsored by the European Union, teachers can become students for one or two weeks.

There are many EU countries one can travel to and choose from various courses that can be attended.

For example, Mr. Adamek chose a trip to Dublin, Ireland to participate in a program called STRUCTURED VISITS TO SCHOOLS last month. He visited three Irish schools where he attended English lessons, spoke to the students, teachers and principals while learning about the educational system. Part of the program was also getting to know the Irish culture through a visit to The National Irish Art Gallery, a guided city tour or a trip to a first settlement outside of Dublin.

Ms. Matrasova also attended several courses via the Erasmus + program. For example, she went to Malta to study methodology for teaching English at the primary level. She also spent some time in the classrooms learning new methods to bring back to her lessons at PORG and participated in outdoor activities getting to know the history of the beautiful island.

Ms. Kovalova is looking forward to her trip to Helsinky, Finland next month, hoping to gain knowledge of the Finish educational system and Finish culture. All these trips are very inspirational and hopefully of a great benefit to our students as well.

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