New PORG Prague

2nd grade Primary school Prague

What we do differently

Our second level is a guarantee of quality education, where the joy of discovery prevails and where children experience success. The outgoing ninth grader speaks not only excellent English, but also another world language. He has practical computer skills and can present the results of his work.

Language learning

Intensive English language teaching, which is regularly measured by the Cambridge Test, aims for B2 level in grade 8 and C1 level in grade 9. From the sixth grade onwards, students choose a second foreign language: German, Spanish or French.

Integrated subject and foreign language teaching

The CLIL method is used in geography, science, drama, technology and design and humanities.

Development of presentation skills

Students acquire basic skills as early as the sixth grade in Czech language classes and in ICT. They further develop them in the compulsory course of drama, which ends with a theatrical performance. The topic is also integrated in language teaching.

Preparing for the entrance exam

In the final year we focus on preparing for the entrance exams in mathematics and Czech. We practise test strategies and give students the opportunity to try out everything practically.

Advanced computer literacy

When working with information and communication technologies, we emphasize the development of practical skills. Students can work with posters and photographs, use Office 365 office software and can write with all ten hands and present the results of their work.

Admissions 2. Prague grade

Information about the admission procedure to our schools and the conditions of admission to study.