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For applicants

Open Days

In the school year 2022/23, the 2. The New PORG Primary School has two in-person open days and one online open day:

23 November 2022 from 17:00 – attendance
18 January 2022 from 17.00 – attendance
7 February 2023 from 18.00 – online

Please register your participants in the following form.

Tuition fees and scholarships

Annual tuition fee for 2. grade level of the New PORG primary school is for the school year 2023/24:

180.649,- CZK

Tuition includes all learning materials, textbooks, and leisure activities.


The basic interest of the PORG is the availability of studies for gifted pupils regardless of the financial situation of their parents. The school has a scholarship fund that awards scholarships to gifted students from families whose financial situation does not allow them to pay full tuition fees.

Applying for studies

We are accepting 26 students for the sixth grade class of 2023/24. The transfer procedure will include a written test of general academic aptitude and a written test of English. The second part will include an interview with the applicant to examine motivation to study. Candidates with the highest score in the written part will be invited to the oral part.

Additional information: Barbora Pavelková, nabor@porg.cz, + 420 777 923 715.

Deadline for applications:
1. 3. 2023

Date of the entrance examination:
17. 4. 2023 at 8.30 and 18. 4. 2023 v 8.30
for candidates applying to PORG Gymnasium and 20 April 2023 in the morning for other candidates.

Those interested in transferring to upper primary school can register on the form.


What is the difference between the 2. elementary school and high school?

The syllabus for 2. degree will be more practically oriented and will not reach the same depth as in grammar school. In the IT lessons, students will focus on developing practical skills such as working with MS Office, graphic programs, typing with all ten hands, etc. Teaching 2. of a foreign language will begin as early as 6. classes, three hours a week. Emphasis will also be placed on the development of communication and presentation skills, which will be developed in both Czech and English. Students will learn to present the results of their outputs and research to an audience. The development of self-presentation and communication in English will take place in all subjects and will be developed especially in the subject Drama, which will be culminated in the realization of a theatrical play. As part of the lessons, students will prepare for the high school entrance exam.

They’ll be on 2. the same teachers as in high school?

Before 2. grade will be filled, the majority of the teaching staff will be the same as at the grammar school.

Must the pupils Grade 1 of the New PORG Primary School to take exams to continue on to Level 2?

Pupils of our Primary 1 do not have to take the transfer examination for Level 2. They continue to attend compulsory school.

What will the transfer procedure look like by 6. classes?

The transfer procedure for pupils from other schools will consist of two parts. It will include a written test on general academic prerequisites and English. Students with the best results will be invited to an oral interview, which will focus on their motivation to study at our school. The interview will be held after the results are announced for the grammar school.

Will Cermat results in mathematics and Czech be taken into account in the transfer procedure?

Cermat results in mathematics and Czech will not be taken into account in the transfer procedure. This is not an admission procedure, but a transfer and continuation of primary education.

What about language learning?

At 2. Primary school, we are counting on intensive English teaching in the 2nd grade. of a foreign language. The aim is for pupils to reach level B2 to C1 in English by the end of Year 9. classes and were also able to communicate in 2. foreign language, with a choice of German, French and Spanish.

They will be pupils 2. grades can go after 9. a high school class?

Pupils of our 2. grades will be prepared for study at four-year grammar and secondary schools. A guidance programme will help them choose a suitable secondary school.

How many 6. classes will be opening?

This school year, we expect to open one class.

Won’t the teachers and pupils of the grammar school look down on pupils 2. grades like the unsuccessful or the stupid?

At PORG Primary School and Secondary School we are committed to a friendly environment and respect among students and teachers. Study at 2. grade will be more practically oriented and aimed at children who do not have such academic ambitions. We expect that students will know each other from extracurricular activities and school events and will form friendly relationships with each other.