New PORG Prague

For pupils

School year schedule

Start of the school year

1. 9. 2022

End of the school year

30. 6. 2023



26. – 27. 10. 2022


23. 12. – 2. 1. 2023


3. 2. 2023


13. – 19. 3. 2023


6. – 10. 4. 2023

Director’s leave

24. – 25. 10. 2022

18. 11. 2022

21. – 22. 12. 2022

Schools in nature

the whole school

19. – 23. 6. 2023

Class meetings


31. 10. – 11. 11. 2022


11. – 21. 4. 2023

Cultural week

5. – 9. 6. 2023

Flower Festival

28. 6. 2023

School curriculum

In our school curriculum, we place an emphasis on English language learning and reading. The Passport to Reading, the Reading Together project for first and third graders and the Reading Helps project develop reading skills. Our pupils are used to communicating with native speakers and use English as a tool for further learning. They know that it is not a problem to make a mistake when using a foreign language, but it is fatal to be afraid to use it. The course prepares students to take the International Exam (B1+) in the fifth year.

The hourly quotas of the subjects taught in each class can be found in the curriculum. Check also the list of recommended books.

Teaching English

We measure the level of English by internationally recognised Cambridge exams. In the fifth grade we aim at PET – B1 level.

Tuition fees

The annual tuition fee for New PORG Primary School is for the school year 2022/23:

160.734,- CZK for fifth grade
166.497,- CZK for first to fourth classes

Tuition includes all learning materials, textbooks, and leisure activities.

School counselling centre

A psychologist and an educational counsellor offer their services at the primary school. Please make your appointments individually.

Adriana Nováková – school psychologist

Petra Pohlreichová – educational advisor


Schedule of operation

On school days, the nursery is open every morning from 7:30 to 8:20 and in the afternoon from 13:00 to 17:30. On Friday afternoons only, the after-school club is shortened and closes at 16:30. The leader of the team is Josef Nechvátal.


The rings are part of the timetable. Please excuse students in the School Online system. Registration for clubs and after-school clubs will be done using the system – School OnLine from Monday 15. August 2022, 8.00 a.m. until Friday 19. August 2022, 23.00 hrs. After logging in, select from the main menu: Other – School club – Event overview.

Offer of clubs and timetables


The new PORG operates its own school kitchen and canteen. The responsible manager of the school kitchen and canteen is Václav Krbec. The standard menu consists of three main course options.